sábado, 15 de agosto de 2009

Scatterbrain - Mexican Jesus

"Yeah,it sort of reminds me of a time in Montana. on the 31st of December 1994 when I saw the Mexican Jesus floating down the river.
Yellowstone National Park.
I think it was like minus twenty degrees in the snow and he was floating down butt naked. I don't think he was Native American, he seemed too Mexican looking you know. He had long black hair and he was butt naked in the middle of the Yellowstone River. Minus twenty. And we'd put our head under the water and come up and he'd turned to ice and he didn't have a spec of ice on his hair, nothing.
He was completely immune to the cold. And eh, which reminds me about the ayahuasca experience you know meeting the Mother Serpent. I don't think anybody really could, err...
How to describe it? It was totally mind numbing. Just taking it, and waiting and that first time you take it, the suddenly you feel like you've got these vines running through your body.
They were [...] ripping through your body. And that bright light burning you up from the inside. Next thing you know 'n' another Serpents inside you. And the next minute you're down there, with the DNA watching the dino. Genetic material getting changed before your eyes. Man, people think they know about drugs, but... That ain't a drug, it's a sacrament. It's just a portal to another world. It's realities that are always there. A key to other dimensions That we live with all the time, that thankfully our awareness never touches...
How would I describe it? Terrifying. Enlightening. But utterly terrifying. You swear you'll never go back. Ever. And the next thing you know, you're taking it again. You're going down that tunnel.
People say you have a choice I don't think there's any choice.
Ayahuasca just takes you. No choice. You surrender or you resist. Resist, you're in hell. You surrender, you must be free.
I don't know if I could do tha again.
And the Mother Goddess calls me, the cosmic circuit calls. I have to answer. And I have to go back to the [...] I have no choice. I have no choice. It'snot a drug, it's... It's not a drug. It's just the holy sacrament."


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